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My Story

How I Got Started

Welcome to the website of Unique Tours Tobago. I am Junior Thomas, Manager and fondly known as 'Cokie Joe' of Bloody Bay, Tobago. As your licensed tour guide experienced in conducting tours throughout Tobago since 2001, Unique Tours Tobago offers you the best exotic experience leaving you wanting to return again and again.

The highlight of our tours is the Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve which is the oldest legally protected rainforest in the Western Hemisphere, established in 1765. It is an evergreen, low mountain forest with the highest point at 630 metres or 1,890 feet above sea level and 3,958 hectares. 

Delivering a wealth of information acquired from an intimate connection and love for the forest and nature, Unique Tours Tobago will help you grow and expand your knowledge of the rainforest's fauna and flora. With us, your trip is guaranteed to be a special environmental adventure.

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